July 12th 2011

Wireless Charging Docks For A Greener Tomorrow

If only they had listened to Tesla when he touted the benefits of the very first wireless charging station and continued to finance his research. Granted, it was a tad large. Today we are on the dawn of an amazing wireless revolution that will finally free the tethered masses.

With the proliferation of the many now indispensable gadgets that we can now not live without, that all need recharging, battery life and charging become extremely important issues. Solar charging is the green ideal and it is here and available today. While still a little on the pricey side, it is well worth investing in. Other forms of wireless charging are docking stations that use standard alternating current. Just place your device on the charging stand and the regulated charging begins. This is a wonderful trend that compliments today’s modern life styles so well. Many benefits are sure to flow from this movement towards a more user friendly method that eliminates the need to always attach the wire in order for any charging to begin.

One problem that frequently occurs with new advances of this nature is that the manufacturers of all of the devices that we have grown so dependant on, realizing new advances, take immediate advantage of same to thwart many of the benefits gained. For example, let a new battery be developed that enhances battery life, new features are added, like wireless MP3 downloads to your cell phone that encourage the user to burn up battery life playing with them. So it becomes the proverbial vicious cycle.

Still, we can all applaud the many new perks that we enjoy today and excitedly anticipate the flowering of so many more that it boggles ones imagination and pinch me have I woken from this technocratic dream yet? A greener tomorrow awaits us and wireless charging docks are leading the way!

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