May 9th 2011

The Way It Works: Modded Wireless Controllers

Modded wireless controllers do not work differently than any other types of controllers. If the modification does not work properly, the controllers do not work at all. If they modification is successful, the modded controller’s wireless interface works the same way as the controller did before. Few owners of console system modify the systems in such a way that the controllers become wireless.

Modding any piece of electronic equipment requires a basic understanding of what the wiring and buttons do, a basic knowledge of soldering, and very basic knowledge of electronics.Never heard of this before? Get up to speed here. You also need to know how to take the controller apart and put it back together. If you want to know how modded wireless controllers work, the idea behind their operation is simple. The controller sends an infrared signal to the receiver. The receiver unscrambles and interpret the signals. Assuming everything is working properly, the unit receiving the signal from the controller will send the proper electronic signals. If the signal does get scrambled, the receiving unit will not respond to the controller.

As a side note, you should not mod any sort of electronic device unless you have a spare and you know what you are doing. Altering controllers often voids their warranties.

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