May 24th 2013

Is Your Wi-Fi Network Fully Protected?

If you have your own Internet connection at home, you may be concerned about its security. When you get a wireless router, it is generally to provide Internet capabilities to your desktop or laptop computer, your smartphone and tablets in the home. Of course, if you want your Wi-Fi to be completely secure, you should protect it with a password. This is necessary so that nobody outside can access your wireless connection.

Generally speaking, if you have an open Wi-Fi connection, you may have the risk of someone else leaching into your Internet connection. This doesn’t necessarily mean they are hacking into your devices or delivering malware to them. It simply means that they are “sharing” your Internet connection. This may not be desirable to you, however, because the more people there are using your Wi-Fi, the slower your Internet connection will be.

If you are intent on only allowing the members of your household and certain people access to your Wi-Fi connection, your best bet is to create a secure password that only you and those trusted people have access to. This will enable your connection to be fully protected, and you will not have to worry about individuals on the outside leaking into it.

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