September 19th 2012

Where Was Wi-Fi In The 80s?

Some people want to know why WiFi came into existence in such a short time span. Lots of people want to know why this technology didn’t exist sooner. Is it possible that Wi-Fi was around in the 80s but no one knew about it?

It’s a much better chance to say that the concept was brewing, but it was not yet established. There were already radios that depended on airwaves. Microwaves would soon follow in the late 80s. It would still take a little longer to get some wireless technology that could process this type of information. The Internet wasn’t even mainstream in the 80s.Additional information can be found at Having wireless connections would have been one of those “putting the cart before the horse” disasters. It could have emerged much sooner, but it would not have been relevant.

Today people have a need for wireless that is almost unnatural. It is amazing to see how dependent society is on technology that wasn’t even a factor a couple of decades ago. This is where everything is headed. People love to stay wired even when they are away from the home or the office. This is why many devices today are being shipped without Ethernet ports.

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