January 11th 2012

New wireless Technologies

Wireless isn’t just a state of mind anymore, it’s a lifestyle. If you’ve been wondering how else to unplug, consider one of these new wireless technologies that can make yours and your family’s life easier
Wireless Internet – Duh. If you haven’t yet gotten wireless internet for home you’re probably in 1889 but just because you have doesn’t mean it’s being used to its full potential. If you’ve thought about mobile internet through clear wireless internet before now’s the time to act as new satellites are going up all the time and you’ll never feel more uninhibited.
Wireless Security – Security systems are tricky but running back inside to see if you’ve set yours is a thing of the past. New wireless systems allow you to set and unset the alarm from a keychain and sometimes even from a mobile phone!
Wireless Headphones – If you’re as sick as we are of getting all tangled up at the gym consider investing in some wireless headphones. They’re a bit bigger and more expensive but they’re totally worth it when you realize how free you are.

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