September 28th 2011

Take Your Work Everywhere With Wi-Fi

The good old days, compared to the standards in technology today, where not so good after all. People that used computers a decade ago had lots of limitations. Wi-Fi has changed a lot of this.

People that are working today will find that they can do a ton of things without actually being confined to their desks. They do not have to cut their lunch short to go back to the desk for work. They can check email on their phones. (more…)

September 24th 2011

Make Wireless Game Controllers Work For You

Today it is possible to go wireless in pretty much anything, including your online or off line gaming. So, if you want the ultimate mobility, and the best gaming experience, you should consider going with a wireless remote, rather than the traditional wired versions. This will offer you the most mobility, and will allow you to freely move around the home or a room, where you are playing your favorite games. You can move around, change directions, or even play from a more comfortable location in the room, rather than have (more…)

September 20th 2011

Wireless Technology: Why It’s So Awesome

Wireless technology is fantastic. All the years that we had to deal with wires just held us down. The wires limited us and made everything somewhat of a hassle. Remember the time before wi-fi came out and we had to hook up the Ethernet cord to our laptop. It took away the fun of having a portable computer. Now everything is wireless you can connect a printer wirelessly, play video games, and even charge your cell phone. (more…)