June 17th 2011

Saving Lives With Hands-Free Mobile Accessories

Wireless technology has revolutionized the way we view and perceive our world. What previously seemed like a tied down country has been interconnected via Wireless Fidelity, shared storage systems, and through the modern incarnation of the Internet. There are many reasons why wireless technology can save lives, and some of them may be more effective than others, though all share the same purpose of aiding in the furthering of the lifespans of mankind. A new smartphone created with an innovative operating system has the information processing system which enables the recording of a voice and the transfer of vocal recordings to text. This Speech-to-Text feature may end the Texting and Driving sensation that has swept the nation’s youth by storm. Wireless connection of different devices has also allowed for a safer environment. Now, one may wear an ear piece wirelessly connected to their cellular device that allows one to make calls, end calls, and make conference calls all hands free. This, for obvious reasons, provides for a much safer environment because it allows people talking to have the mobility of their hands to react in emergency and necessary conditions. Wireless technology continues to evolve and may continue to save lives.

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