May 23rd 2011

Wireless Internet Routers: Which Security Is Best?

When you have a wireless router, you need to lock it down if you want to make sure you’re getting all the bandwidth that the router can provide you with the bandwidth the user is actually paying for. If you do not lock it down, neighbors will often steal your Internet connection. The neighbors who do this are not doing anything illegal. While the people piggybacking off of your signal may be acting immorally, the (more…)

May 18th 2011

Wireless Modded Video Game Controllers For Noobs

When purchasing controllers for your game console, there are a variety of options, styles and choices to pick from. But the two main categories for controllers are wireless, or wired. The price of the wired controllers is tempting, as they have a slightly lower financial cost when compared to wireless controllers.

But those few dollars saved come with a non-tangible price tag attached. That price is the cost of your comfort, and ease of use. With wired (more…)